How High Can the Mavic Mini/Mini 2 Go?

DJI launched Mavic Mini in October 2019 and about a year later after its success also launched the Mini 2. This new, ultra-light drone took the drone world by storm thanks to its powerful flight and camera performance being wrapped up in an extremely portable design.

The worldwide buzz among drone enthusiasts brought about a lot of questions. One of the most common ones we’re answering today is: how high can the Mavic Mini Go?

Graz, Austria – December 29 2019. Mavic Mini drone flying in the countryside above frozen lake on sunny winter day

How High Can the Mavic Mini Fly?

There are two ways to answer this question since it can mean two different things. You may be wondering how high up can the Mavic Mini travel while flying? or how high can it take off and still fly without issues?

Whichever your question is, you need both answers to get a full idea about the capabilities of the Mavic Mini when it comes to flight height and takeoff altitude.

Flight Height

Boeing 767 Altimeter

As per the official DJI website, the default maximum flight height for a Mavic Mini is 120 meters, which approximately equals 394 feet. This is pretty impressive considering that you don’t need to do any adjustments to reach such height.

Luckily, if you want to fly your Mavic Mini higher, you can easily do it using the DJI Fly app. You can increase the maximum flight height of this drone up to 500 meters, approximately 1640 feet, by adjusting the settings in the DJI Fly app. This answers the first question.

  • Do note that the maximum flight height can change depending on the location you’re flying as different countries and regions have different laws and regulations that you must comply with. For this reason, be sure to check any drone-related local rules and regulations area each time before you fly.

Check out this youtuber who took his Mavic Mini up to the maximum height of 500 m…

Skip to middle of the video where he peaks at 500m

Takeoff Altitude

Now, how high up can the Mini really fly? Well the DJI website states for the original Mini that the maximum takeoff altitude (also known as ceiling limit) is 3000 meters, which is approximately 9842.5 feet. However, this was improved for the Mini 2 and increased to 4000 meters (approximately 13123 feet). At such an altitude, a lot of drone enthusiasts worry about the wind resistance of the Mavic Mini, especially because it’s so light (249 grams / 0.5 pounds).

The good news is that the folks at DJ recognized the potential issue and tackled it in the design. Despite its small size, the Mavic Mini can smoothly handle windy weather, hovering at wind speeds of up to 8 m/s (level 4 winds) or almost 18 mph, with impressive stability.

Practically, you may run into some trouble getting your Mavic Mini to take off from certain high altitudes because the specified altitude in the drone’s specs takes into account several weather factors such as temperature, humidity, and pressure.

Image of a barometer

The Science!

The typical conditions at sea level are generally around the following…

  • Atmospheric Pressure: 29.92 in. of Hg (inches of Mercury)
  • Temperature: 60° F
  • Altitude: Sea level “0” feet

Now we know the atmospheric pressure decreases approximately 1 inch per 1,000-foot increase in altitude. And the average temperature decrease per 1,000-foot increase is approximately 3.5° F.

So at DJI’s highest specified limit for the Mini 2 of 13,128 ft. The atmospheric pressure is approximately 16 in. of Hg, almost half from sea level. The Temp will also have dropped 45.5° F.

The Mini will have a much harder time with it’s props chopping through much thinner air along with the fact it so much colder. Flight times at this type of altitude would be much shorter than what you would get at sea level!

Height Mini Versus Mini 2

Compared to the original Mavic Mini, the Mavic Mini 2 has almost the same maximum flight height, but its maximum takeoff altitude is higher at 4000 meters, which is approximately 13123 feet. I believe the Mini 2 is stronger and more capable at the higher altitudes however it’s performance will still decrease with higher altitude as discussed earlier!

Wrap Up

There you have it, a comprehensive answer to the question: how high can the Mavic Mini go? How high have do you dare fly? You must be kinda like Icarus if you are searching for this kind of information!

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